Why GRILL 4.5 (ERP Solution for TEA Industry)

  • Our Solution Grill 4.5 is integrated between all Modules, so dual entry not required

  • All masters can be creating by Code, Name or both so that search in all modules can be done on basis of Code, Name and both

  • Grill 4.5 covering all Modules of garden and Head Office

  • Design for Single/ Multiple garden with Single Head Office

  • Running with latest version of .Net Technology

  • Robust Database Oracle is used to make Grill 4.5 Reliable

  • SAP Crystal Report used for designing MIS & Regular reports

Architecture of GRILL 4.5 (ERP Solution for TEA Industry)

  • Grill 4.5 is a desktop-based solution running in Server Client mode
  • At Garden an incremental data/log will record for each and every activity performs on database

  • We have provided replication of garden at Head Office so all entries and report can be viewed at Head Office

  • Incremental data from all garden servers will sync to head office via Internet connection (Broadband connection) once (preferable) or Twice in a day. User can increase the frequency of syncing the data as per his requirement. In case Internet connectivity not available at garden server, user can send the data via Email also

  • Although generally Head Office are not connected to garden, merging of data facility available in Grill 4.5 via Incremental or Offline data comes through E Mail


  • We have satisfied over 125 gardens till date

  • More than 70% Tea Broking house from the northeast are using our ERP solution successfully.

  • Our Implementation Methodology is effective and innovative

  • Our team is experienced in Tea Industry¬† & Tea Broking House

  • Our Support is very much prompt
  • We providing support to approximate 1500 users of Tea Industry

  • We are very much acquainted to the process of Tea Industry

  • We are very much acquainted to the process of Tea Broking House

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Modules of GRILL 4.5 (ERP Solution for TEA Industry)

Accounts & Financial

Fixed Asset Module

Budget Module

Costing Module

Purchase Module

Inventory Module

Labour Payroll Module

Employee Salary Module

Production Module

Marketing & Sales Module

Field Module

System Module