About GRF 3.0

GRF is a simple Face recognition Mobile APP for attendance with a Digital Hanging Scale for Green Leaf Weight (Connectivity through Wi-Fi between mobile and scale like Bluetooth), its simple yet powerful & robust APP for Tea Industry. This APP is made for android platform and run in a smartphone. This APP work in maximum five step.

GRF 3.0 (Process Flow)

  • Step 1 : Configure Wi-Fi (One Time)
    Configure Wi-Fi and build up connection between server and Wi-Fi or Hosted Server.

  • Step 2 : Download (One Time)
    Download master data (Labour, Employee, Kamjari, Section, Cost Centre, User & Settings) from ERP Grill 4.0. This required to do One time or as on when master changes.

  • Step 3 : Registration (One Time)
    Save registration of Labour or employee by his face recognition against his code for one time or as on when new Labour or employee join.
  • Step 4 : Attendance (Daily)
    Then do attendance for any Kamjari by recognition of face of Labour on daily basis, may be twice, thrice or four time in a day. APP and Digital Hanging Scale will be connected at the time of Plucking attendance.

  • Step 5 : Upload (Daily)
    At the end of the day stored attendance data uploaded to ERP Grill 4.0. After that all Kamjari, Green Leaf, MIS report will be generated. Our GRF 3.0 can also upload data to other ERP like Miscrosoft Navition, SAP etc.

Major Benefits of GRF 3.0

  • GRF is fully menu driven and user wise authentication required for login. Each menu (Registration, Reduction, Labour Attendance, Employee Attendance, ERP Sync) can be control user wise.

  • GRF will accept registration for only those Labour whose code in created in ERP.

  • At the time of attendance by GRF not required specific person for any challan/ book/ sheet, whereas manual system always depend on some specific person for their challan/ book/ sheet.

  • In GRF, attendance recorded in memory of mobile whereas in manual system user have to use pen and paper.

  • Plucker have to hang green leaf on scale and show his face to mobile, GRF will recognize his face from database and record his weight also with time stamp. So authentic weight of Green Leaf recorded with authentic plucker with desired reduction.

  • Reduction will be pre-defined in GRF as per climate condition.

  • After attendance of plucker of any challan/ book/ sheet user will get instant total of Green Leaf and Plucker. Even user will get bifurcation of permanent and temporary as well as section wise Green Leaf and Plucker.

  • GRF also keep record of no. of attendance (up to 4 times) for all labour with kamjari, which is use for deciding half attendance with a predefined parameter and parameter is Kamjari wise. This is beneficial for field, factory and plucking also.

  • At the end of the day data will be uploaded to Grill 4.0 by a single click from all mobiles. After that all Kamjari, Green Leaf, MIS report will be generated from ERP.

  • Not required to print attendance sheet for daily attendance.

History of Making GRF 3.0

During implementation of Grill 4.0 (An ERP Solution for TEA Industry) at various Tea garden we felt lack of Hi Tech, Paperless, Speedy, User Friendly, Authentic Attendance System. And on discussion with management, manager, user of different garden we motivated to develop GRF system.

Improvements in GRF 3.0

During this period we have upgraded our product from GRF 2.0 to GRF 3.0 where we have increased face points for better detection in different light environment, which was a challenge in garden environment.

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